Case Study: Monster Energy Cat Portal

Skills Showcased

Team Collaboration, User Flow Mapping, Rapid Prototyping


Redesign of the Monster Energy CAT Portal, a dashbaord for administrators to manage College Embassador Program.

  1. Fix old broken signup proccess
  2. Improve reporting tools
  3. Ability to customize a new dashboard environment

Team Collaboration Icon

Team Collaboration

Work jointly with the designer to talk through UX design challenges of user stories. Simulate use cases to improve efficiency of signup. Use project management tools like JIRA for notation, and regularly scheduled creative meetups to tackle all related issues in a collabortive manner.

Userflow Icon

Userflow Mapping

Map out use cases for various user types: Super User, CAT Mgr, and CAT Ambassadors, in order to illustrate the necessary dialogs and for more rapid development. Map out userflow to determine the types of email communications needed.

Prototype Icon

Rapid Prototyping

Using Material Design Bootstrap Framework, which using Google's proven design system, enables for rapid prototyping of the CAT portal dashboard. This framework includes built in animations and custom javascript components. Everything needed to get any project off the ground and into a production ready environment


  1. Signup process 5X faster = more engagment with Monster Energy Brand
  2. On time report submission +7%, due to new reporting funnel
  3. A/B Tested and Approved
  4. More robust reporting features tested and implemented